Owner Review From Trinity S

Palmetto palm marketing has done some really good work with the video production and marketing side of our videos. Some of the videos have well over 300,000 views and have been featured on national aviation websites for aircraft manufacturers. We highly recommend palmetto palm marketing and their services.

Our Work With Elite Ace Aviation

Video Production
So our main area of focus for Elite Ace Aviation was the video production and editing side of things. We needed to tell stories through editing and production based on the aircraft. For any video we could not shoot, we had to outsource those shots to include in our videos.

Video SEO
A video has one very important rule that a website, social media page, and local listing also has, and that is SEO!!!! We found the best techniques based on that genre of video to manipulate Youtube’s algorithm to garner hundreds of thousands of views. Those views are still racking up for Elite Ace Aviation to this day.

Graphic Design
Palmetto Palm Marketing also designed Elite’s logo and video intro. The logo we worked on for just 1 day based on the owner’s request and came up with the perfect logo. We also designed the video intros in Adobe After effects which we utilize often for video-based projects.


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