Do I need to hire a marketing company in 2021?

Marketing is something that almost every single business on the planet needs and in most cases must have to succeed. The problem with many marketing strategies comes down to either lack of experience in marketing or not enough SUCCESSFUL time is being spent on the campaign.

We will start with the second point there, not enough time being spent on the marketing campaign. I bold Successful for a reason, you can spend 80 hours a week on your campaign with few results. Spending successful and well-executed time is extremely important, and without years of experience in the marketing world, you may end up just spinning your wheels and going nowhere. Time is indeed important, but you HAVE to know the strategies, algorithms, targeting methods, platforms, and all other aspects of a smart campaign or you may end wasting a lot of time and money.

The main emphasis I want to put on the time aspect of marketing is simple, how much time is the marketing company you are hiring actually spending on your campaign? I ask this with years of experience in the marketing industry and seeing first hand how many marketing agencies once paid, set-up an automated campaign, and then rarely manage that account. This is not how Palmetto Palm Marketing operates and never will. We know the reason our clients stay with us for so long is because of our constant management of their campaign. Not only do we constantly manage those campaigns, but we also build long-lasting relationships with our clients, and we believe an open and easy line of communication with our clients is the only way to build a short or long-term successful marketing campaign.

You may be asking yourself, Do I need to hire a marketing company in 2021, which leads me to the next point. In order to prevent a marketing budget from being wasted or not properly utilized, is to have someone managing the campaign with extensive real-world experience. If you have a business, then you are probably good at whatever your company specializes in. It’s tough to be good at what your business specializes in and to be good at marketing.

Earlier I mentioned real-world experience. Real-world experience is very important in the marketing industry which is the reason Palmetto Palm Marketing hires based on how much you KNOW based on the current marketing landscape. Just because someone applies with us that has a marketing degree, does not mean they will be hired. If they only have knowledge based on a college marketing degree, they will still need years of experience to be considered an expert marketer.

Business has only two functions — marketing and innovation.

Milan Kundera, Writer & Playwright


What Should A Marketing Company Help Me With?

There is so much going on surrounding the marketing industry, and what seems to be a million ways to market. One issue I have seen with marketing companies out there, is they try to sell the client in areas of marketing that usually waste money with smaller returns on the investment. Why would companies do that? There are many reasons some of the companies do this from making themselves more money or just lack of strategy and planning.

A marketing company should you with all areas of marketing that have the largest returns of your investment. Palmetto Palm Marketing believes there are a few avenues that are the most important for most companies. I will list these below.
  1. Social Media Marketing and Management
  2. Website & Search Engine Optimization via content creation (like this article)
  3. Local SEO (Google Maps, Bing, etc)

These are a few of the most important areas of interest for many companies. Not all companies are going to need attention in those areas every single time. Your company, product, or brand may require other marketing strategies from Google Adwords, Video Ads via Youtube, etc.

The marketing company you choose should research and plan as much about your company as possible before they create a marketing strategy. So when asking yourself, Do I need to hire a marketing company in 2021, ask yourself if your comfortable with someone that is not in your line of work, coming in to work for your company.
  do i need to hire a marketing company in 2021


Wrap Up

With all that being said, you have to make sure you are hiring the right marketing team for your brand. The relationship you have with that company is almost as important as how much experience they have. I made a pretty clear rule when starting Palmetto Palm Marketing, and that rule is that we only work with companies that we will be able to easily work with and build a relationship with.

Not every business relationship is going to be a good fit. That's why the relationship aspect of any marketing transaction is in my opinion just as important. We do not look for clients to quickly make money on, we look to make money quickly FOR our clients. Your job is to find the marketing agency that is more concerned about making you money than themselves and, if they are smart, they will know THAT belief is what will solidify that relationship.  

Chad Freeman
Chad Freeman

Chad Freeman was born and raised in the mountains of Western North Carolina until relocating to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in 2003. Chad has always been heavily involved and had a passion for technology, business, and marketing. He loves to make things better, or build something from nothing. Chad has worked with various fortune 500 companies running their marketing or sales teams producing amazing results. While he loved to making other companies better from the inside, he knew that he was called to do more in the marketing industry.

“I have spent most of my life studying marketing, search engine optimization, web design, b2b sales and marketing, social media marketing and conversion, etc. I studied these things because I knew my passion and talent after years of experience in the industry had to be top-notch to get top-notch results. In marketing, you only get what you know. If you only know half of what you should, you will only get half the results”.

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