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Chad Freeman

Chad Freeman was born and raised in the mountains of Western North Carolina until relocating to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in 2003. Chad has always been heavily involved and had a passion for technology, business, and marketing. He loves to make things better, or build something from nothing. Chad has worked with various fortune 500 companies running their marketing or sales teams producing amazing results. While he loved making other companies better from the inside, he knew that he was called to do more in the marketing industry.

“I have spent most of my life studying marketing, search engine optimization, web design, b2b sales and marketing, social media marketing and conversion, etc. I studied these things because I knew my passion and talent after years of experience in the industry had to be top-notch to get top-notch results. In marketing, your results are determined by experience. If you only know half of the experience needed, you will only get half the results”.

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