Owner Review From Chad (AKA ME) I own this :)

SC Travel Guide has been a passion for about 4 years now. We built this platform from the ground up and the site is now the #1 travel and tourism website for South Carolina. We have millions of readers a month and our articles routinely rank number 1 or 2 for the keywords or subjects we target. We heavily utilize the millions of SC Travel Guide readers for our marketing clients for no extra charge. This is something no other marketing company can say in South Carolina.

So how did we build SC Travel Guide to what it is today?

Website Design & Extensive SEO
It’s no secret that great web design and impeccable SEO are two main keys to success for any business. For SC Travel Guide, our mission was to reach people not only already living in South Carolina, but people that were planning on coming to South Carolina.  We implemented SEO in every single thing we did on the website and we were religious about it, you have to be. We do the same thing with our client’s websites and SEO, and we know exactly what works.

Social Media Advertising & Management
We also built our social media alongside our website. We attracted people to our social media with creative engagement tactics that made people want to interact with us on a daily basis.  We practice all of the same techniques with our clients as we do our own brands.

Video, Media, Events
With SC Travel Guide, we were invited to the biggest events in South Carolina where we produced videos, wrote articles, and brought exposure to those events. We covered events such as the RBC Heritage Pro Golf Tournament, Major Concerts, Carolina Country Music Fest, Carolina Panthers training camp and games, and so much more.


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