Executive Review From Colby R

The great folks at Palmetto Palm Marketing really helped us with our podcast search engine algorithm within our software. Our platform has over 3 million podcasts where both creators and listeners come together. We (Spreaker) needed an intelligent system implemented into our search engine to assist our listeners with connecting with the right podcasts for their taste. Palmetto Palm Marketing hit the nail on the head with their system and we cannot recommend them enough.

Our Work With Spreaker Studios

Search Engine Algorithm Design
There are hundreds of millions of search engines on the internet other than just your typical Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc. Almost all media apps or websites we use have their own internal search engines built to assist their audience with the most relevant search. The search engine aspect of media websites can actually be the sole reason whether a media platform will make it or break it.

How We Helped
We designed a process for the search engine to utilize every search request. If a user simply typed a topic or genre, we made sure the most relevant search results would appear. Once the user established themselves on the platform, we designed ways for the search engine to recommend similar podcasts the user may like.


Spreaker Studio